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‘Modi factor’ will lead the country to partition: Ketkar


We all should defeat these dangerous attitude of separatists, said veteran journalist and Editor Kumar Ketkar at the 5th Anniversary celebration of Prahaar

KetkarMumbai: The Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi and their associates in social media attempting to portray the so-called development which is hazardous to the nation and it will divide our society. We should defeat this attitude, opined veteran Journalist and Editor-in-Chief of ‘Divya Marathi’, Kumar Ketkar at Shri Shanmukhananda auditorium yesterday.

Prahaar’ celebrated its 5th Anniversary on Wednesday in Shanmukhananda auditorium at Kings Circle; Ketkar was speaking as a Chief Guest for this function. He said that there were many a times the attempts to divide this country were made; some times in the name of Hindus and Muslims and later on the issues like Khalistan and LTTE. But the believers of secularism and multiculturalism overpowered these attempts. However, again RSS, BJP and Narendra Modi are trying to divide this country in the name of Hindus and Muslims. This time they are using social media for this. But you should not fall for these false mystics, alerted Ketkar.

He also recalled Prahaar’s 1st Anniversary. The General Elections were eight months ahead at that time and even now the situation is similar. That time, it was being said that Congress would be defeated; then there was emerging inflation, corruption and hence, the picture was created that as if the Congress would lose the elections and saffron leaders would come into the power. Prahaar had celebrated its first anniversary in such atmosphere.

Even today we can sense the same situation. The speculations are made as if Narendra Modi is surely going to be the Prime Minister of this nation. Once he takes the oath as a PM, all the problems of this country and surrounding would be solved, if required he might also do a nuclear attack on Pakistan, inflation will be finished, corruption will not be seen anywhere at all and this all will happen because Narendra Modi will become Prime Minister of this nation with the blessings of Mohan Bhagwat.

BJP has created a picture as if Modi stands away from the position of PM just an oath away. But the history will repeat and Congress will come into the power again, emphasized Ketkar.

It is not appropriate to speak about Modi from the stage of Prahaar but newspaper is primarily a political medium. If you would understand the challenges in front on us and this nation, you would surely know why I had to mention BJP, Narendra Modi and RSS here.

This is going to be the first historical election after 1952. Not only India but the future of whole Indian continent will be decided this time. Modi and his followers are trying to decide the future of India through social media. Do not be a victim of it, alerted Kumar Ketkar.

BJP started Rath Yatra in the 1990s, with the objective of 2nd partition. In 1992, Babri Masjid was demolished and in 1993 we witnessed communal riots and bomb blasts. Around one thousand Hindus as well as Muslims were killed in it. This massacre had a background of BJP’s Rath Yatra. Even today, BJP, RSS and Narendra Modi are attempting a 2nd partition by dividing Hindus and Muslims.

Congress has always preserved the politics of secularism. Only this politics can save the nation. India is a multicultural country and its harmony is intact on this basis only. Whereas, the country created only on the basis of religion like Pakistan, was divided, pointed Ketkar.

Fake promotion of Gujarat

Jaitapur project was proposed when Narayan Rane started Prahaar. Today, after the span of 5 years, Jaitapur project is successful even after facing the burden of protests. The party which is claiming developments in Gujarat, the same party is opposing the Jaitapur project in Maharashtra. They are restricting the development of this state.

Some days back, the Reserve Bank of India presented a report on development of states. Maharashtra stands on 5th position whereas Gujarat is on 12th position in this report. Gujarat is facing substantially more problem of malnutrition than Maharashtra. Education facilities are terrible. The population of Gujarat is comparatively lesser than Maharashtra. Still, the problem of malnutrition and illiteracy is more than Maharashtra. It clearly shows that the promotion of Gujarat’s development is fraudulent. We should not get carried away with it.

India will celebrate its Century of Independence in 2047. We should be alert to prevent this nation from partition till then. The people who were demanding Khalistan, killed Indira Gandhi, later Rajiv Gandhi was killed by LTTE. We all have to decide that there would not be another victim on the grounds of partition, resolved Ketkar.

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