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Modi is master in cultivation of falsehood: Nitish

Nitish Kumar

Bihar CM took potshots at BJP Prime ministerial candidate, attacked the saffron party

nitish-kumar-12Patna: Slamming Narendra Modi for his charge of ‘criminal negligence of security’ at his rally, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today dubbed his Gujarat counterpart as an ‘expert in cultivation of falsehood’ and said terrorists in a way helped BJP in its ‘otherwise flop’ rally.

“The incidence of serial blasts at the rally in Patna was most condemnable… But terrorists in a way helped BJP, otherwise its rally at Patna was flop in terms of size of crowd,” he told reporters.

“Had the blast not happened, everybody would have talked about the thin attendance at the Hoonkar rally for which BJP leaders had claimed it would be unprecedented in terms of size,” Kumar said after the ‘Janata Ke Darbar me Mukhya Mantri’ programme.

He was reacting to Modi’s barbs against him during a poll campaign in Chhattisgarh last week. The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate had said that while blasts were taking place in his rally here, the ‘insensitive’ Bihar chief minister was ‘feasting’ at the JD(U) convention at Rajgir.

“He has again gone wrong. I had cancelled my scheduled program at Munger on October 27 to attend an international yoga convention and had proceeded to Rajgir from there. It’s on record, anybody can check,” Kumar said without naming Modi.

Hitting out at BJP for accusing him and Bihar government for security lapses which caused blasts at the rally, he denied the charge and said by repeating it they were following Hitler’s advice that if a falsehood is repeated it becomes the truth.

He accused Modi of being an expert in ‘jhooth ki kheti’ (cultivation of falsehood). Taking a potshot at BJP, Kumar said, “The rally was a flop in terms of size of crowd as half the Gandhi maidan was empty.”

Kumar said he went to Patna Medical College and Hospital and also the venue of the blasts in the night ignoring security warning.

Referring to the two-day JD(U) convention at Rajgir on October 28-29, he said he reached Rajgir during the second half of the convention after taking stock of the situation and giving necessary instructions to officials.

On Narendra Modi’s accusation of ‘feast’ at the convention, he said, “The party has neither the aukat (potential) nor the sanskar (culture) of hosting feasts at party functions.”

The arrangement at the JD(U) convention, which was attended by nearly 5000 party workers and leaders including Sharad Yadav was ‘bare minimum’, Kumar said.

“Unlike them (BJP) of hosting party meetings in 5 star hotels, we do not have the culture to host feasts on such occasions as we belong to the socialist ideology,” he said, reacting to Modi’s remark that Kumar and his partymen were enjoying “56 bhog” (delicious food of 56 varieties) at Rajgir while there were blasts in Patna.

Referring to Modi’s repeat visit to Bihar to see the families of Patna blasts victims and accusation against him for not doing so, Kumar questioned, “Had he (Modi) visited hospitals and families of those killed in Gujarat riots in 2002?”

“Isn’t it a fact that he visited the hospital at Ahmedabad for the first time when the prime minister went there after the heinous killing of people in riots?”


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