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MPCC chief targets BJP, NCP over Prez rule

Manikrao Thakre

Manikrao ThakreYavatmal: Terming as “unfortunate” the imposition of President’s rule in Maharashtra on the eve of Assembly elections, state Congress chief Manikrao Thakre today said there was no urgency for such a move and alleged it was outcome of a “covert deal” between the NCP and BJP.

The MPCC chief also ruled out possibility of any truck with Shiv Sena after October 15 elections and expressed confidence that Congress will get a “workable majority” and form government on its own.

“The imposition of President’s rule in the state is unfortunate and unprecedented. Only a few days are left for the new government to be formed, and there was no urgency to impose the President’s rule,” Thakre told in an interview here.

“It (the fall of the Congress-led government and subsequent development) was the outcome of a covert deal between the NCP and BJP,” he alleged.

When asked about the reason for the break-up of the 15-year-old partnership with NCP, he said, “We tried our best to go ahead with the alliance. But the demand for 144 seats (by NCP) followed by the demand for Chief Ministership for two-and-half years in rotation were the main causes forcing us to snap the ties.”

“We gave them (NCP) all positive indications for maintaining the tie-up but it was not acceptable to them. We went up to 126 seats in the final talks over seat-sharing,” he said.

Asked if the Congress had any plan to go with Shiv Sena after the poll results, Thakre categorically said, “No. Not at all. How can we go with a non-secular party merely for sticking to power?”

On Congress’ poll prospects, he confidently said, “We are contesting 288 seats and would get a workable majority, probably more or less of 150 seats. We would form the next government in the state independently.”

Thakre said there was no ‘Modi wave’ and that people know what Congress has done for their development. It would certainly reflect in the poll results, he claimed.

To a question if anti-incumbency could dent the party’s chances in the elections, he said, “We have introduced a number of people oriented schemes and projects. They should be continued for reaping the fruit. So people will vote for Congress and it would come back to power to fulfil their aspirations.”

On Shiv Sena’s allegation that BJP is an enemy of Maharashtra, he said people doubt the integrity of BJP and that may be the reason for the Sena to make such remarks.


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