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Four Laning of Mumbai-Goa Highway takes speed


Around 30 meters of the land on the both sides of the road between Kharepatan and Patradevi and Kudal to Kankavli is to be acquired soon 

mumbaiSindhudurg: The land acquisition procedure for the Four Laning project of Mumbai-Goa highway is starting soon. Two teams, led by two sub-divisional officers have been appointed for the acquisition process from Kharepatan to Patradevi and Kudal to Kankavli.

The Highway Authority has been informed about the formation of acquisition teams. Thus land acquisition work for more 30 meters width to the highway will be completed very soon.

For the four laning of the road between Kharepatan and Patradevi needs more 30 meters area. At present the Highway authority have seized 30 meters width area where the present highway is located. The area of 30 meters will be acquired for the four laning of the highway. The decision over the land acquisition on the both sides of the road will be taken according to the plan designed by the highway authority.

Ravindra Bambale and Tushar Mathkar, Sub-divisional officers of Kudal and Kankavli respectively, have been appointed by the district administration for the land acquisition procedure. It is reported that the acquisition process will be conducted by the Ministry of Road Transport Highway office of the union government. The district administration has informed the appointment of these two officers to the higher authorities.

Meanwhile, it is found that the area of around 60 meters near the Kharepatan-Patradevi highway comprised of legal and illegal constructions, residences and commercial complexes in the area.

The decision of acquisition has created a stir among the residents and merchants of the area. It is clear that they have to clear the area as it comes under the immediate land acquisition for the highway.

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