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Mumbai NGO brings out men’s right calendar ‘Malendar’

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Mumbai : In a unique promotion of men’s rights, a city-based NGO has released an interesting calendar, called ‘Malendar’, highlighting important days like Father’s Day, International Men’s Day.

Vaastav Foundation, which fights for the rights of men, said it is dedicating the days to certain causes which would help in highlighting the plight of men, especially abuse caused through misuse of laws for women in the country.

President of Vaastav Foundation, Amit Deshpande, said, “We have printed around 2000 calendars and distributed in major metros of the country. Through this, we are tying to bring awareness regarding days related to manhood through positive images of men.

“We have published these prints of Malendar ourselves by funding from sponsors within our group and distributed in major cities where we have large number of supporters.”

Deshpande apprised that the calendar can be downloaded from the NGO’s website in wall hanging and desktop versions.

‘Malendar’ highlights days celebrated globally like September 18 as Wife Appreciation Day, October 10 as Violence Against Men and Boys Awareness Month, November 19 as Men’s Day etc.

“In India, you will find almost every corporate house celebrating Women’s Day and Mothers Day. They conveniently seem to forget Men’s day, Fathers Day, Boy’s Day etc.

Even the calendar-makers forget to mention these days in their publications. This is our first ever initiative to bring parity in the calendar business,” he said.

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