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Mumbai police officer meets Mikhail Bora at Guwahati

mikhail bora

Guwahati:  A Mumbai police official today met accused Indrani Mukherjea’s son Mikhail Bora here, who had claimed to have evidence relating to the sensational Sheena Bora murder case.

The police officer, who arrived at the house of Mikhail Bora this afternoon, told waiting journalists, “It is a sensitive case. Investigation is on”.

To persistent questions, he said, “first let me investigate. Let me do my work. After discussions inside, I’ll inform you all”.

Coming out of the house after about an hour, the police official, however, declined to take questions from reporters.

Mikhail’s grandparents house is located in Sundarpur bye-lane one in Ganeshguri area of the city.

Earlier in the morning, talking to reporters here outside his grandparents house, Mikhail said, “If police comes to our house here, I’ll cooperate with them in all possible ways to bring out the truth about my sister’s murder”.

Bora also claimed, “I have kept all the evidences like photographs and conversations and shall give those to the police if they want”.

“What is the actual motive for killing Sheena only Indrani knows. Other people can only assume. Sheena is my elder sister and I want justice”, Bora said.

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