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Mumbaikars pay for every drop of water

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BMC patted their own back that they supply 566 liters to Mumbaikars every day

water mumbaiMumbai: When Delhi government announced 667 liters free water supply to people, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) patted their own back that they supply 566 liters to Mumbaikars every day.

The opposition leader Devendra Amberkar stroke back to the Corporation on this and said that such water supply is in practice since Congress’s office in BMC. Corporation’s clever calculation claims to provide free water but in reality Mumbaikars does not get even a drop of water for free, they pay for every drop of water supplied to them. Amberkar further said that the Standing Committee President Rahul Shewale has shown his lack of knowledge by claiming free water supply.

Shewale had published a press release stating that the Corporation supplies 566 liters of water to Mumbai for free every day.

Currently, Mumbaikars pay Rs 4.30 for 1000 liter water. But BMC spends Rs 9.90 in purification and supply of this water. Every family is provided 1.75 thousand liter water every day of which only 509 liter water is charged and rest 566 liter water is supplied for free, as per Shewale’s claim.

In reality, a difference between amount spent on purification and amount charged to consumers is being recovered by increasing charges to industries and 5 star hotels, said Amberkar.

He further said that Shewale has made fun of himself by saying that they provide free water where there witty calculations are playing the game. But calculations will not provide free water, but action will do. This practice is on for last many years but BMC has unfortunately realized it after Delhi government’s announcement.

Shivsena, which is leading Corporation for 22 years, have not completed any project other than Central Waitarana. The present water supply should be also credited to British administrators.

Mumbaikar’s total need of water is not yet fulfilled. Only 340 liters water is supplied to the city when actual need is 420 liters. 90 liters of water is wasted by theft or leakage every day. Mumbaikars can be supplied water at cheaper rates than the current if this water is saved. Amberkar also criticized that still people residing in South Mumbai and Suburbs are deprived of water.

The Central government will be executing water supply scheme at Gargai and Pinjaal by National Water Development Agency. So Corporation should stop claiming other’s achievements, said Amberkar.

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