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Goddess of Mumbai, ‘Mumbadevi’


Mumbadevi_templeMumbai: ‘Mumbadevi’ known as Mumbai’s ‘village Goddess’ is famous worldwide. In fact, the name of this city is derived from her name only.


According to the legends, this Goddess was formed by Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh out of their aura to kill the giant devil named ‘Mumbarak’. The power of this Goddess killed him. But as a last wish, Mumbarak pleaded her to stay in this place with his name. She granted him a wish and stayed on the place as ‘Mumbadevi’. There is another tale that a fisher lady named ‘Mumba’ installed this Goddess at the place and gave her own name to this Goddess. Hence, this divine place is known as ‘Mumbadevi’.

Features and specialties of this temple:

Around 600 years back, ‘Mumbadevi’ temple was located at the place where Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus is located presently. During British era, when Mumbai was emerging as an industrial town, Victory terminus, today’s Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus was decided to be built on that place for better transport system. This place of temple was most suitable for the project; hence, British requested Fisherman community and convinced them to shift this temple to Bhuleshwar area. Accordingly, in 1918, this temple was reinstalled at Bhuleshwar. The stone structure of this temple is just like any ancient Indian temples. The inmost part of temple is decorated with ancient carving. The gorgeous idol of Goddess is decked up with beautiful ornaments. To the left Annapurna Goddess, placed on peacock is also installed.

Mumbadevi was initially worshiped by Fishermen who are original citizens of Mumbai; it is also the deity of foreign art. Currently, Fishermen community is not located around the temple much. But still, newly married couples, especially from fishermen community seek the blessings of Mumbadevi for their better future together. A huge festival is organized in this temple every year during Chitra and Ashwin months for Navratri.

The place most crowded by hawkers

The Mumbadevi temple is located at the center of South Mumbai. The century old narrow roads and buildings standing at the both sides of road are characteristics of this area. Many hawkers have crowded the footpaths on the way towards the temple. So the devotees have to find their own way from this crowd to reach temple.

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