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My role in Jab Tum Kaho a mix of the real and the reel: Parvin

Parvin Dabaas

Kolkata : Actor Parvin Dabaas says his just-released romantic comedy “Jab Tum Kaho” mirrors his real life character of a Delhi-based ‘rough’ guy.

Dabaas, 41, said the real and the reel have merged in the portrayal of his character in the film.

“My character of a Delhi-based guy bears similarity with my real life status as a rough-mannered Delhiite, while my heroine Ambalika Sarkar represents a vibrant, sweet Kolkata girl ‘Khusi’ in the film,” he said.

Dabaas, who says he is still relishing his shooting experience in Kolkata, has “Mirror Game” among his upcoming Bollywood releases, a psychological thriller where he enacted a professor’s role.

“My character holds himself responsible for the death of a student,” he said.

About his second Bollywood film “Kuldip Patwal”, a political thriller, Dabaas said, “While thrillers are the toast of the season, political thrillers have got more relevance in present-day India.”

“In ‘Kuldip Patwal’ I am pitted with Raima Sen and I found her to be a beautiful girl and a lovely actor. I wish to see her in Bollywood Diaries but could not find time,” Dabaas said.

Directors’ favourite for his versatility, Dabaas has acted in a wide range of movies including “Monsoon Wedding”, “Khosla Ka Ghosla”, “My Name Is Khan” and “Ragini MMS 2″.

“You slot them in different genres. You call ‘Monsoon Wedding’ a cross-over film, ‘Ragini MMS 2′ a horror film, MYNK a larger than life film, but for me it is the same approach to a character.”

Dabaas, who has worked with directors like Mira Nair, is willing to land a role in an Aparna Sen project. “I am hoping the script will be a really good one as also the character. She is my all-time favourite director from Bengal.”

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