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Nandigram protests: Why the WB Govt. is sitting on sanction to prosecute police officers?, CBI files charge sheet


There was no reason forthcoming as to why the state government is still reticent on not giving the sanction

SingurKolkata: The Trinamool Congress ruling government came to power by encashing on the Nandigram protests, has not yet given CBI the sanction to prosecute five police officers involved. Why?

The agency has now filed charge sheets without giving alleged role of these five state police officers. It has filed two charge sheets recently before the Special CBI court here in the Nandigram firing in which 14 people were killed on March 14, 2007.

There was no reason forthcoming as to why the state government is still reticent on not giving the sanction, CBI sources said.

Agency sources said the then chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, who was also holding the charge of Home Ministry at the time of firing, was not examined by the CBI during its probe as it did not find any evidence against him.

In one of the charge sheets, CBI named 132 private persons including some villagers but its request seeking sanction to prosecute two officers sub-inspectors Shambhu Das and Amit Hati and a Doctor, Laxmi Kant Ghosh, all state government officials, CBI sources said.

In another charge sheet, CBI has made 37 accused, all private persons, and sought sanction to prosecute Debashis Boral and Satyajit Bandopadhyay, both additional SPs, and Sekhar Roy, sub-inspector Nandigram, sources said.

The state government headed by Mamata Banerjee has not given any word to the agency to proceed with charge sheet against officials who were allegedly involved in the firing which killed 14 villagers protesting against acquisition of their land for a proposed special economic zone, they said.

The agency has also recommended disciplinary action against then Inspector General Arun Gupta, and then SP G Anil Srinivas, both IPS officers, to the state government.

In its charge sheet CBI has booked all those named under Indian Penal Code sections related to rioting (147, 148), unlawful assembly (149), voluntarily causing hurt to deter and public servant from his duty (332) among others.

In the absence of sanction of prosecution, CBI cannot charge sheet the accused police officials which are state government officials, CBI sources said.

The sources said request seeking the sanction was given to the state government nearly a year back but no decision has been communicated to the agency so far.

The Calcutta High Court in June this year had directed the CBI to sort out the issue with the State government so that criminal proceedings could be initiated against the accused police officers, they said.

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  1. In the investigation of the Nandigram police firing, CBI found involvement of TMC. No evidence has been found that CPI (M) had infiltrated police & fired at innocents. Neither have they found any evidence of ‘trawler’ filled dead bodies ‘smuggled’ out of Nandigram. CBI failed to find any remains of slaughtered children. The story that emerges out of the two charge-sheets filed by the CBI in the Haldia Court on the events of 18th March, 2007 is completely different from what the Congress, Trinamul party, a section of the intellectuals & the press had campaigned. It was this vicious campaign that galvanized the public opinion against the 34 year LF govt. There were two incidents of shooting that day, Bhangabera Bridge & Gokulnagar. CBI has submitted two separate charge-sheets. What emerges is that there were armed miscreants hiding behind the assembled people, mainly women & children. They had fired on the police. The incident at the Bhangabera Bridge has 129 accused, four of them deceased. The first name on the list is one Ashok Mondol, a resident of Sonachura & Trinamul worker. His elder brother, Ajay Mondol was a Trinamul candidate in the Panchayat elections & has become a Panchayat Samiti member. There is Subodh Patra, TMC candidate for the 2003 Panchayat polls from Sonachura. Accused no. 116 is Sonachura resident Rabin Mondol, a local TMC leader. He had played a big role in the year long terror & anarchy in that region. The key protagonist of this campaign, Krishnapada Mondol, is a TMC worker & relative of TMC leader, Nishikanta Mondol. Other accused, Rashbehari Khara, Prasenjit Karon, Gobinda Paik, Shankar Dalapati, Raghunath Dolui, Satyaranjan Manna, Lakhikanta Gayen, Robi Das are all known Trinamul workers & leaders. The list in the other charge-sheet on the Gokulnagar shooting too has TMC workers & leaders, a total of 37. Salil Das Adhikari & Sushil Das Adhikari are known TMC workers & related to TMC Panchayat Samiti member, Swadesh Das Adhikari. The other accused, Moni Rana, Prankrishna Das, Joydev Mondol, Srimanta Mondol are known local workers of the TMC. It is now clear that statements made by Left Front were correct. CBI came to two conclusions fairly early in its investigation, 1) State government had not sent the police to Nandigram secretly. There were numerous forewarnings after that area was cut off & the administration stopped from entering the area. It was clearly declared that the police will go in to restore the rule of law in the area & to carry out repairs to the roads infrastructure destroyed in the area; 2) there was an illegal assembly by the BUCP to stop the police from carrying out its job. Is it sheer coincidence that Mamata Banerjee did not provide the permission to the CBI for interrogating the top police officials?

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