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Navy to consider promotion of officer decorated for bravery

R K Dhowan

Mumbai: Navy Chief Admiral R K Dhowan today praised a Mumbai-based naval officer for his gallantry, stating that his ‘acts of bravery’ will be considered while deciding on the issue of his next promotion.

At a press conference after the launch ‘Visakhapatnam’ the first of stealth destroyers under the P15-B project, the Navy chief was asked about the contradiction in awarding the officer with gallantry award Shaurya Chakra and Nao Sena Medal on one hand and delay in his promotion on the other.

“The officer you are mentioning is an outstanding officer, who has done something great for the Navy and for the nation,” he said.

“However, promotion is not dependent on a single act of bravery. There is a transparent process of promotion… Certainly, all aspects, including his acts of bravery, will be looked at when we go into the next promotion board,” the Navy chief said.

The officer, a senior Navy helicopter pilot, has been awarded the Shaurya Chakra this year for saving 15 lives during various missions.

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