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Need Children’s rights on Political parties’ agendas


CRY’s survey brings devastating facts about children

CRY-LOGOMumbai: As the country is celebrating the Children’s day, most of us are unaware about that there are around 1/3rd of children among the total population of the country. One would find it difficult that there is a lack of awareness about children’s rights in the country. Thus CRY, the social organization dealing with child rights and its awareness has come up with a mission ahead of the Loka Sabha elections: “Vote for Child Rights”.

The organizers expect that the child rights should be registered on agendas of all political parties. The organization stated that there was a strong need of political will for maintaining the child rights. Thus CRY has come up with an agenda with 10 notifications based on the child rights. In which it has mentioned a spread and importance of children education rights act along with decreasing the child mortality rate and provision of basic health facilities to children.

CRY is taking efforts to add these and other notices on political parties’ agenda.

The findings published by CRY as ‘National Family Health Survey-3’ are devastating. It said that every second child in the country is malnourished. It also said that seven children behind 1000 die before completing the age of one year.

The findings mention that the natonal drop out percentage at primary level is more than 40%. It also said that there was about 11.8% of child labor in the country.

The survey mentions that Maharashtra has 3.5% of child labor and it was lower than 5% to the national average. The most devastating fact the survey registers is that half of the children below the age of five are less in height. 1/5th of the children are seriously low in their height. Around 40% of children were found anemic. The survey also said that as per the state education department at least 2,30,000 children are deprived of education.

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