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Net neutrality debate trial balloon floated by govt: Rahul

Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: The net neutrality debate is a “trial balloon” floated by the Government to hand over Internet space to corporates, Rahul Gandhi today charged, vowing to oppose it tooth and nail.

“I want to ask a question. If you (the government) have to protect net neutrality, why did you begin the consultation process. It was a trial balloon. First shoot the trial balloon, see the reaction and if the reaction is strong then do not proceed. That is why we are opposing it tooth and nail so that they withdraw,” he told reporters outside Parliament.

Earlier the Congress Vice President had raised the issue during Zero Hour in Lok Sabha, accusing the Narendra Modi regime of trying to give away Internet space to some corporate groups, a charge vehemently denied by the government.

Govt trying to give away internet space to corporates: Rahul

Rahul Gandhi at a rallyNew Delhi:  Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today accused the Narendra Modi regime of trying to give away internet space to some corporate groups, a charge vehemently denied by the government. […]

He demanded that either the existing laws be amended or a new law be brought.

Talking to reporters outside Parliament, Gandhi linked the issue of net neutrality with NDA’s land acquisition law alleging that after land, the government is now trying to hand over Internet to the industrialists at the cost of youths.

“This government, which belongs to the corporates and the industrialists is snatching land from farmers, labourers and tribals. I am fighting for that. Congress is fighting for that. I had thought that since the Internet users, the youths had supported Modiji, he will protect their Internet (rights).

“But what is happening is that as land is being snatched, so is Internet. Internet is also being snatched…the idea behind this is hand over the net space to corporates and companies, distribute it among them,” he said.

In an effort to reach out to youths, Gandhi said, “Youths will feel its impact. Youths will stand to lose. There will be a blow to the voice that they raise, the expressions that they make”.

He said the government did not reply in the House to this very question as to why the consultation process on neutrality was started when it intended to protect it.

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