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New app to reveal mysteries of Van Gogh paintings!

Van Gogh

Van GoghLondon: Want to be Sherlock Holmes of the art world? There is an app for that! The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has launched a new app which allows users to examine paintings by the Dutch artist in detail and discover the secrets of his brush strokes.

The app Touch Van Gogh, designed for tablets, uses multi-touch features that make it easy and entertaining to explore the information concealed in and under the paint.

“With this app, people from all over the world can, free of charge and at home, discover the secrets of Van Gogh’s painting techniques and learn more about his working methods,” said Axel Ruger, director of the Van Gogh Museum.

Using the app, users can remove the old layer of varnish from Van Gogh’s painting ‘The bedroom’. They can see for themselves that the painting ‘Daubigny’s garden’ was painted on a tea towel, and virtually rub away the top layer of paint from ‘View from Theo’s apartment’ to discover how Van Gogh reused his canvases.

Over the next two years, the Van Gogh Museum will regularly add new works to the app, ‘Holland.com’ reported. Like a detective, the users can unravel the mysteries of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings at their own pace, gradually learning more about the life and work of this famous artist.

Through the app people discover how a painting looked before restoration, exactly where it was painted, where the paint has become discolored, and how the composition is constructed, the museum said.


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