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Newly-wed couple killed in public over love marriage in Pak


Lahore: A newly-wed couple has been brutally killed in full public view by the family members of the girl for marrying a ‘man of her choice’ in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

According to an FIR, Muafia Bibi (23) of Satrah village of Daska tehsil, some 100km from Lahore, married Sajjad Ahmed (27) of nearby village Hasanabad on June 18.

“Muafia eloped with Sajjad on June 18 and they married in the court after her parents refused the marriage proposal of Sajjad,” it said.

Yesterday, the family of the girl came to know that the couple had returned to Hasanabad.

Seven members of Muafia’s family, including her father Dilshad, attacked Sajjad’s house and overpowered the couple and took them to the main chowk of their village.

The FIR further says: “The suspects first subjected the couple to severe torture and then tied up the legs and arms of Sajjad and Muafia. They cut off their heads with choppers in full public view and shouted that they had taught the lesson to the couple for disgracing them. None from the people gathered there dared to stop the killers.”

The suspects fled from the village after killing the couple.

However, police today arrested six of them and booked them under anti-terrorism act.

Police official Muhammad Shahid told that six members of Muafia’s family have been arrested and they are being interrogated.

Those arrested are Ghulam Rasool (her grandfather), Dilshad (father), brothers (Shamshad and Iqbal) and her mother and a cousin, the official said.

He said the accused had inflicted fatal injuries on the heads and necks of the couple with choppers in full public view.

“The accused used small axe to hit the victims’ heads and necks. But the heads were not completely severed from necks,” Shahid said.

Jamal, Sajjad’s cousin, said Sajjad had proposed Muafia formally but her parents didn’t agree.

He said that after the marriage the couple was reluctant to return to Hasanabad but a family member of Muafia told her that her parents had forgiven her. “But it turned out to be a trap,” Jamal said with tear in his eyes.

“Those viewed the gruesome incident have no words to describe it,” he added.


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