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Nitesh mocks at Joshi ‘sir’, asks to hand over Kohinoor land for memorial


After criticizing party leadership, Joshi bowed and clarified on Saturday at Matoshri

NiteshMumbai: Taking dig at senior Shivsena leader Manohar Joshi, also known as ‘sir’, Swabhiman Sanghatana chief Nitesh Rane asked Joshi to hand over Kohinoor’s land for Thackeray memorial, Joshi’s property, to show love and respect for late Balasaheb Thackeray.

Joshi recently tounted at Shivsena leadership and voiced for an andolan over the delay in late Shivsena founder Balasaheb Thackeray’s memorial construction. Mockingly Nitesh Rane adviced Joshi to handover the Kohinoor land next to Shivsena head quarters for memorial, if he had such respect and love for the late leader.

Addressing the electronic media, Rane blamed Joshi as a ‘conspirator’ in Shivsena and declared him as the reason for the Shivsena losing its charm. Joshi recently stated and doubted on present Shivsena chief Uddhav Thackeray’s leadership that if the issue was of Prabodhankar’s memorial, Thackeray’s father who was also a social reformist, Bal Thackeray would have snatched the government from the power if it would have opposed such memorial. In addition, Joshi said that if there would be an andolan for Bal Thackeray’s memorial, he would be the first one to participate in the agitation.

Rane said that Joshi cooked a conspiracy which resulted in Narayan Rane and Raj Thackeray’s exit from Sena. Rane asked that both the leaders had mass based support, but whether Joshi had such support.

Nitesh also imparted that it was no new in hype creations that Joshi was a victim. Rane asked Joshi that if he had received higher posts due to Balasheb Thackeray, he should show some respect and hand over the Kohinoor land.

Joshi’s dual stance

On Friday Joshi criticized the present Sena leadership. The next day Joshi went to Matoshri and tried hard to clarify his statements. But it is reported that Joshi’s statements have raised much speculations within his party. It is also reported that those who once bowed in front of ‘sir’ criticized Joshi on Saturday.

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