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Nitesh Rane criticizes Shivsena’s fallacious declaration


BMC claims 225 liter water supply and gives only 135 liter per person every day

nitesh-raneMumbai: The president of BMC’s Standing Committee Rahul Shewale recently declared that the Corporation supplies 1.75 thousand liters of water to each family in Mumbai every day out of which 566 liters water is supplied for free. This is nothing but a poor attempt to compare self to the AAP government in Delhi.

But it is now exposed that per person only 135 liters water is being supplied; as per the official records the quantity of water supply was increased from 90 liters to 135 liters per person after last monsoon. BMC is just playing number games. So, instead of claiming free water supply, it will be enough if the Corporation makes attempts to prevent tanker mafias and theft and leakage to save 70 crore liters water being wasted every day, criticized Nitesh Rane, the Founder-President of Swabhiman organization.

In reality, the family of five persons is provided 810 liters of water every day. When Delhi government announced 667 liters free water supply to people, Shewale boasted that they too supply 566 liters free to Mumbaikars every day. According to him, every family is provided 1.75 thousand liters water every day of which only 509 liters water is charged and rest 566 liters water is supplied for free.

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According to their calculations, BMC provides 225 liters water per person in Mumbai every day. But records says, only 135 liters are supplied. So Shewale should answer about rest 90 liters of water, where does it go?

Rane also made serious allegation that Shewale and Shivsena has an alliance with tanker mafias. He also said that Shewale’s announcement is sign of his never-seen honesty. Even in Delhi, AAP will be able to provide free water to public if they prevent tanker and water mafias. So instead of making false claims Shewale and his Party better focus to prevent water theft by mafias and leakage of water, challenged the Founder-President of Swabhiman organization.

It is economically impossible to supply free water to Mumbai. Still, Shewale claims it with the support of some strange calculations of expenses for water purification and water charges. They charge more to industrialists and 5 star hoteliers to recover the losses in water revenue generation. How proper is this to charge a particular segment extra to provide free water to others? Rane questioned.

He further said that instead of making such claims for popularity, it will be better if Corporation focus on real issues of public.

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