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No space for quake lab in Killari!

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Richter machine is expired from past 10 years, ‘lab’ runs with the help of ‘spirit’

latur-300x218 (1)Latur: After 20 years to horrendous earthquake in Killari here, the earthquake research laboratory established, now paralyzed and taking its last breathe.

The Richter machine installed in the laboratory is expired some 10 years ago. Public works department gave two rooms to this lab in government colony.

As per the geological happenings inside the earth crest, the laboratory needs independent place equipped tools with modern technology. But no one bothers much here. The lab is run on the shoulders of two employees.

If one employee goes on leave or gets ill, other one has to take care of the whole work. Two chart machines have been availed for note taking of the earthquake. Out of them one machine has been expired from past 10 years. The BBS system is used to take note of earthquake. But the system has died from past two months. Hence the employees have to dip the readings into spirit. Thus it will take time to scale the potential of the earthquake.

In last 20 years from the year 1999, the area has experienced around 71 earthquake shocks.

Year- Shocks

1999- 11

2000- 5

2001- 1

2002- 2

2003- 5

2004- 7

2005- 10

2006- 5

2007- 5

2008- 2

2009- 4

2010- 6

2011- 5

2012- 3

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