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Norway eyes doubling seafood exports to India


Mumbai : Norway, the second largest seafood exporting country in the world, is hopeful of doubling its exports to India over the next few years.

It has also urged the Indian government to improve the country’s marine regulatory framework.

“India has a large potential when it comes to expanding its fishing fleet and improving its marine regulatory framework,” Norway’s Minister of External Affairs Borge Brende said here today.

“Norway is the second largest seafood exporting country, whereas India is the second largest aquaculture producer in the world.

“We would be happy if we are able to double the export of seafood to India over next few years. Hence, we have asked that the import duty of 30 per cent on seafood should be completely removed by the government here,” said Terje E Martinussen, managing director of Norge.

Norge is 100 per cent owned by the Norway government’s Ministry of Trade and Fisheries, which promotes its seafood exports across the globe.

Norway had exported 275 tonne of salmon fish worth USD 4 million to India in 2014. But it eyes doubling its export of salmon fish to India over next few years.

Exporters from Norway are demanding the removal of import duty on seafoods.

At present, an import duty of 30 per cent of total import value is levied by the Centre on seafood. Norway is also looking for speedy handling of the seafood imports coming from there.

Martinussen said, “Seafood provides business opportunity to India because lots of people are involved in processing and fish trade and its transport here.”

“There must be speedy handling of seafood goods coming to India in terms of handling of import document to get goods cleared in an expedite manner because it’s related to fresh fish,” he added.

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