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Now 1000 new transit camps in next two years


Block owners in the transit camp to get 300 sq ft house in development

MhadaMumbai: Two days after the decision of ‘No further transit camp building’, Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) administration took a U-turn and in a recent meeting, the government body decided to construct new 1000 transit camps in next two years.

It is also decided that there will be a plan to avoid further infiltration in the new transit camps. Thus a private company will be assigned for the same.

At present in Mumbai and its suburbs, there are 20,000 blocks in 56 transit camps. As per the MHADA, there are 8000 infiltrators in these transit camps.

Out of them, MHADA succeeded to move only 700 infiltrators. It is also seen that such infiltrations are carried out because of wasted interests of the middle men and of the MHADA officials. At present MHADA administration does not possess a proper policy to overcome the infiltration problem. Thus many of the camps have been corrupted by the middle men.

Many of the houses in such camps have been sold out. The middle men have seized many of the houses with fake vacation notices. Thus MHADA has to face the problem to identify in between the real beneficiary and the infiltrators.

One of the officials, on the request of anonymity, said, “In a recent MHADA meeting it was decided not to construct new transit camps ahead of the infiltrations. But within two days it is decided that there will be a need for the transit camps ahead of the redevelopment of the buildings. Hence MHADA changed its stand on construction of new transit camps.

Sachin Ahir, Minister of state, Urban Development, said, “MHADA has decided to give houses to those residents, living from many years in the transit camps and those who have satisfied the conditions of the master list,” he said.

Ahir also said that the process for the same was already started. He further said, “By redeveloping the transit camps, the owner will be given a house of 300 sq feet. We will demand the applications through master list. Those who satisfy the norms, will be given the houses on permanent basis,” he said.

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