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Now Cluster Development in Thane as well


Custer Development in Thane following Mumbai

cmThane: Lacks of Thaneaites are living in dangerously dilapidated unauthorized buildings with a threat to life. For the wellbeing of these residents, Cluster Development scheme will be imposed from October in Thane, assured Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan to a delegation of Congress on Thursday.

A delegation from Congress visited CM at Mantralay regarding this scheme. CM had given assurance of implementing this scheme in Thane some three months back. Some political parties attempted to steal the credit in this issue. But CM guaranteed Congress Delegation of implementing this scheme from 30th October, proving Shivsena’s movement ineffective.

CM said Custer Development in Thane will be on the same grounds as in Mumbai. According to ’33-9’ unauthorized buildings will also be included in the scheme, informed TMC’s Presidium Ravindra Phatak while speaking with ‘Prahaar’.

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