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On 16th December, Mumbaikars to pay homage to Nirbhaya


College students from various colleges take initiative, Home to home women’s safety awareness program 

GANG-RAPE-sl-21-12-2012Mumbai: On this 16th December the Mumbaikars would gather on roads and at public places to pay homage to Nirbhaya, the brave heart who fought for life after facing the inhuman trauma of gangrape in Delhi on the same day last year.

The gangrape incident raised a tide of anger across the nation and the president had to nod for passing the tough anti rape ordinance. A lot of water has gone down the river since then. Women sexual harassment has taken a new turn and Mumbai was considered one of the unsafe cities for women to live in India followed by the gangrape incidents.

On this 16th December, Mumbaikars are committed to pay homage to Nirbhaya in quite unique way. The students would go from houses to houses for the awareness about women’s safety.

The students would also circulate the pamphlets and reading material on women safety, female feticide and save the girl child at various schools and colleges in Mumbai. Street plays are also organized on women harassment at various places in the city.

The main homage program is held at Mumbai University campus. But still the college students from Kirti, Ruparel, Somaiyya college and other colleges would organized various programs to commemorate the day and pay homage to the brave heart.

Various social organizations have come ahead along with Lions Club, Anti Drug addiction organization, various women’s rights organizations are going to participate on this day. Students from more than 25 colleges are going to perform street plays at railway stations and other public places in the city.

The homage meet is organized at Five Garden, Maheshwari Garden (Sion), Haji Ali Centre (Warli), Saint Gadage Baba College (Charni Road), Lala College, Mahalaxdmi H R College (Churchgate) and at other places across the city.

In the evening, a homage program is organized at the Kiri College under ‘Rise’ mission. Former Justice Anand Potdar, Adv Rizhvan Merchant, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Law and Order Sadanand Date will be present at the program.

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