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Only 55 leopards remain in Ratnagiri Division!

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20 leopards’ death in past four years, forest department failed?

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Ratnagiri: It’s not only about tigers as endangered species, it is feared that leopards would also soon to be endangered. As per the wild animal census of 2010, Ratnagiri division had reported 75 leopards in its limits. But within four years span, then numbers have decreased by the death of 20 leopards. The shocking information of 55 leopards’ presence in the division was recently revealed.

It is seen that the traps have been plotted for leopard’s hunting in past few years with the growing urbanization.

The illegal acts of tree cutting from the jungle and encroachments have severely affected the wild creature’s habitat and in result the animal is to be extinct in near future.

The forest department reported 75 leopards in Sangmeshwar, Ratnagiri, Lanja and Rajapur taluka of Ratnagiri division as per the wild animal census.

But within four years after the wild animal’s census got publishes, 20 leopards have been reportedly died in the division. Out of these 20 leopards, 13 wild animals have been died because of getting trapped. Other seven animals reportedly died naturally. It is also seen that five leopards had died in 2010, the same year when the wild animal census was recorded. The numbers never stopped here after. Two leopards in 2011, seven in 2012 and six leopards in 2013 have been died so far. If the hunting and trapping the animal goes on, soon like the tigers, leopards would be an extinct species. It is reported that the forest department is turning unsuccessful in saving the leopard’s killing in traps.


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