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Only 7 lakh sq ft reserved land available in Mumbai


Only 7 lakh square feet of land is left available out of reserved lands in the city

landMumbai: It is noticed while creating a new development plan of the city that only 7 lakh square feet of land is left available out of reserved lands in the city. Municipal Corporation of Mumbai took over the reserved land and the owners used it in suburbs under Transfer of Development Rights (TDR).

Therefore, it is revealed that only 7 lakh sq ft land has been left available out of whopping 1, 10, 21, 370 sq feet reserved land.

As per the present development plan the land which includes playgrounds, park, Corporation’s parks, welfare centre, entertainment ground, library, parking, primary schools, secondary schools, miscellaneous markets, crematorium, pumping station and as per the 25 reservation also includes roads, development of dirty settlements and ancient places measuring 1, 10, 21, 370 sq feet was suppose to be available. But the owners are eligible to receive TDR certificate if they hand over lands to Corporation within 10 years of preparing a development plan by which they can use the FSI of TDR at the suburb places excluding town side. According to the statistics presented by Development Planning Department of Municipal Corporation, the land measuring 1, 03, 21, 000 sq ft has been already developed.

The land owners who could not acquire TDR certificates by handing over the land are now sending purchase notice to corporation to get hold of reserved lands. The corporation is spending crores of rupees to get back these lands.

Many purchase notices are approved to acquire lands encroached by slums. In a recently exposed incidence the reservation on the land in Walkeshwar was cancelled due to delay in acquiring it even after the purchase notice was approved in 2002 during Municipal Corporation’s meeting. Hence, till the actual development plan becomes ready and executed, purchase notices can be issued for the remaining reserved land, informed a senior officer in the Municipal Corporation.

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