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Open sell of Tobacco products outside the schools in Mumbai


Parents angry over the Municipal Corporation’s nothing doing

TobaccoMumbai: The state government has banned the selling of tobacco contained substances ahead of the addiction among the youth. But still at present such selling is practiced openly and at some places it is seen that the Municipal Corporation run schools are the soft targets for the sell.

The parents are angry towards the municipal corporation’s cold stance as the civic body is not taking any action at such selling outside the schools.

As per the decision by the state government, the selling of tobacco contained products is barred at the distance of 100 meters of Municipal schools, hospitals and religious places. But the selling of tobacco contained products has not stopped completely outside such places here.

Meanwhile, it is important to put up banners restricting the selling of such products at premises of schools and hospitals. Social oraganizations have raised voices for the installation of such banners at these places at the civic body many a times. But the municipal corporation has not put up any banners at these places in its limits.

Earlier the municipal corporation had agreed to fix large banners at tourist places with the message saying ‘consumption of tobacco contained products is injurious to health’. But the civic body did not keep its word. Varsha Vidya Vilas, member, Nasha Mukti Kendra, a civic organization dealing with de-addiction, said that the civic body did not keep its word of fixing the banners but it was seen that the selling of tobacco products was practiced openly outside the corporation run schools.

Meanwhile talking with Prahaar, Mohan Adtani, Additional Commissioner, Mumbai Municipal Corporation, said, “The selling of tobacco products is banned in 100 meters of area of schools and hospitals. If we receive complaints saying violation of the rule, immediate action will be taken place,” he said.

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