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Oppositions’ Bolati Band!


Narayan Rane’s straightforward answers to oppositions’ baseless allegations

NARAYANRAO-RANENagpur: Industry Minister Narayan Rane answered straightforward over the baseless allegations made by the man with criminal mind and made the opposition silent at legislative assembly on Tuesday.

Rane said that the Jalgaon Milk Issue took place during the Shiv Sena, BJP alliance was in power in the state. Thus Eknath Khadse also be termed as a Mr. 420.

Rane asked the Khadse to apologize the house or else resign from the position.

MLA Jitendra Avhad spoke for the ruling MLAs of the house and said that the proceedings would not be carried out till Khadse sought an apology of the house for his baseless remarks.

An administrator was appointed at Jalgaon Milk Producers’ Federation and was given extension. Hence the Nagraj Patil had filed a petition in the court. On the basis of that petition, Khadse tried to put a deferral proposal in the house. While putting the proposal, he alleged the ministers of the governments as the loots, dacoits and Mr. 420 and tried to adjourn the work proceedings of the house.

When Khadse was alleging many ministers, Rane was not in the house. No minister answered to him. But after the questions-answer session, under rule 48 Rane gave the clarification into the matter.

While giving clarifications, Rane demanded the house that Khadse should apologize or resign from the position.

Rane further said that there were proposals to discuss the pleas of citizens from Vidarbha and Marathwada, nobody wanted to discuss them. He said their representatives did not have the capability to solve the problems hence they were targeting the ministers on baseless arguments.

Rane said that an administrator was appointed at Jalgaon Milk Producers’ Federation during Shiv Sena-BJP rule. He said a BJP MLA was the Milk and Dairy development minister.

He asked the house if Khadse is alleging the minister as dacoits, then Khadse who was in the then cabinet earlier, can’t he be claimed as the dacoit, loot and Mr. 420?

 Rane said that it was demanded by the then BJP MP, MLA and Khadse himself for the appointment of an administrator on the Jalgaon Milk Producers’ Federation.

Rane said as the administrator was appointed on their demands, so does that turn a corruption? And he brought the truth about the issue in front of the house.

Earlier the Jalgaon Milk Producers’ Federation was in loss. The employees were not paid the salaries. The total milk collection had stopped at 6000 litre.

The then MP and MLA of BJP had demanded to appoint an administrator on the Milk Federation.

In addition to that Rane said the administrator was given the extension once in BJP Sena rule and then another extension was given by Congress- NCP alliance government.

He further said that after the appointment the administrator worked very well. In result the milk federation which was unable to pay the employees’ salaries earlier started making profit.

Rane said that at present the Milk Fedration collected 1,60,000 litre milk produce and the federation had deposited Rs 10 crore on their bank account.
The minister said when all was going well, Khadse was unnecessarily targeting it.

Rane also said that it was in Khadse’s nature that he felt bad when things were going in right direction.

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