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Organ donation drive brings 728 applications

Health Department

State Health department comes up with organ donation drive to create awareness in society

Health DepartmentMumbai: State Health department has taken an initiative to create awareness about the organ donation among the youth. The department expects that the youth should lead the drive as a movement.

Talking with Prahaar, Dr. Satish Pawar, Directorate, Health Department, Maharashtra said, “The drive is getting positive response among the citizens and we will start the drive at all the RTOs in near future,” he said.

Those who fill up the application for organ donation are given a stamp on their driving licenses. The drive has got positive responses in Mumbai. At present, 728 persons have applied for the limb donation and given to Health department at Taddeo Regional Transport office.

After the death of Vilasrao Deshmukh, late union minister, the organ donation drive got a boost among the society. The state health department is also taking help from social organizations for creating awareness on queries like ‘what is organ donation, who can donate their organs’, etc.

At first the drive was started on pilot basis to make the youth aware about the importance of organ donation.

The drive started in the month of July. The first phase has been started at Taddeo and Pune Regional Transport Offices (RTO). In between 9th July to 31st August, 3280 applications at Taddeo and 50 at Pune were given for organ donation.

In reply 728 persons have submitted the organ donation applications.

How does it work?

The willing applicants for vehicle driving license are given organ donation applications. The applicants fill up the form and submit it into Health department of Regional Transport department. Then willing applicants’ vehicle licenses get an organ donation stamp with an organ donation card.

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