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People will show exit doors to opponents for making poor comments


Opponents are making poor comments just for a round of applause from public, people themselves will show exit doors to such leaders, said Dr Nilesh Rane

Nilesh-Rane1Sawantwadi: This election will give direction to the future of this nation. At this moment, when welfare of nation is a priority, leaders like Uddhav Thackeray are engaged in making poor comments and criticism. He offensively mentioned our soldiers’, farmers’ and workers country as a ‘rapists’ country which is indeed an insult to the values of our motherland.

We strongly believe that rape criminals must be sentenced with toughest punishments but making such comments just for a round of applause from public is improper, people themselves will show exit doors to such leaders, believes Congress, NCP, Kunabi Sena and RPI’s candidate for Ratnagiri-Sindhudurg constituency, Dr Nilesh Rane.

He further said that Uddhav Thackeray mentioned in his speech which things he would shut in Konkan but he did not speak anything about what would he start. People in Konkan will not forgive those who would become obstacle in this region’s development.

This constituency has rich history of MPs like Barrister Nath Pai, Prof Madhu Dandwate; I have made every effort to maintain that legacy while representing Konkan in Delhi for five years but opponents are lowering quality of their campaigning. They are making personal comments instead of speaking about the welfare of this nation.

Last election was contested on issues related to development. Suresh Prabhu was a dignified candidate. But this time opponents with no vision towards development are making personalized and low standard comments just to win applause.

Do you think criticizing us is any solution on Konkan’s issues? Dr Rane asked.

We will not cross our limits even if they do. Our upbringing does not permit us to do so. I am representing a region rich with values and culture, he said.

Those who were supporting us are now criticizing us. The Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar had once helped his Ratnagiri party worker Kumar Shetye for heart surgery. When Sena-BJP was trying to pull him he said my heart beats because of Pawar Sahib and I will be working only for him till its last beat. This is real dedication and Shetye is a true party worker. But some criticize Rane sahib despite of helping, he said without taking Shankar Kambli’s name.

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