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PM unveils labour reforms to end ‘inspector raj’

PM Lok Sabha

PM Lok SabhaNew Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today unveiled a string of labour reforms, including measures to end ‘inspector raj’, asserting that ease of doing business is “essential” to ensure ‘Make-in-India’ campaign is successful.

He dedicated a number of schemes under Shramev Jayate (work alone triumphs) programme which includes portability through universal account number for employee provident fund, single window portal to enable doing business with labour ministry and labour inspection scheme in central sphere.

Modi said these steps exemplified his government’s approach of ‘minimum government and maximum governance’.

Elaborating on steps to end the inspector raj harassment by officials, Modi said a transparent labour inspection scheme is being developed to check arbitrariness.

While so far the units for inspection were selected locally without any objective criteria, the new scheme envisages that serious matters will be covered under the mandatory inspection list.

A computerised list of inspections will be generated randomly on predetermined objective criteria and complaints-based inspection will also be determined centrally based on data and evidence. There will also be provision of Emergency List for inspection of serious cases.

“We have replaced 16 forms (which factory owners had to fill) with one form, which is available online. Now computer draw will decide which inspector (labour) will go for inspection to which factory and he will have to upload his report online in 72 hours.

“These facilities are what I call minimum government, maximum governance. I have been hearing about ‘inspector raj’ since childhood,” Modi said.


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