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Pokhran N-test village awaits basic infrastructure

Jaisalmer: More than 17 years after the 1998 Pokhran tests, Khetolai village closest to the test range, still awaits basic amenities.

“We take pride in recalling that our village was in spotlight and on worldmap after the nuclear tests were conducted on May 11 and May 13 in 1998 near here. Apart from this, there is nothing special about the village and people lack basic amenities,” Khetolai village’s development samiti Chairman Harmukh Ram Vishnoi said.

“The arrangements for drinking water supply and health are not good. People have to face difficulties,” he said, adding that the government should give attention to this village.

Sarpanch Nathuram Vishnoi said that the people of the village expected better infrastructure after the tests but nothing of that sort happened.

He said that entry to the area where the tests were conducted in the desert is still prohibited.

A series of five nuclear bomb tests was conducted at the Pokran test range in May 1998.

It was the second Indian nuclear test; the first being in May 1974.

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