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‘Prahaar’ launches election special website

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Prahaar’s new election special website ‘Aapli Loksabha’ was launched today at the hands of Consulting Editor of Prahaar and the Minister of Industries Narayan Rane in Prahaar’s officeprahaarap (5)

Mumbai: Right from the first lok sabha elections held by an independent India till the upcoming one, Prahaar’s new election special website ‘Aapli Loksabha’ covers wide range of information, insightful articles and news updates. The site (election.prahaar.in) was launched today at the hands of Consulting Editor of Prahaar and the Minister of Industries Narayan Rane in Prahaar’s office.

Any information related to the Lok Sabha elections is just a click away as this website will be updated daily with latest happenings and news from nation, state and Mumbai.

The content on the website is compiled after thoroughly scrutinizing all past 15 Lok Sabha elections right from 1952 till 2009. It provides analysis of past elections, speaks about our democracy, and election process of the polls held by world’s biggest democracy with 81.40 crore voters. It takes deep look at the details like social and political atmosphere pre elections, issues on which the candidates battled, seats won by each party, winners, government formation, prime ministers and their cabinet ministers of that period etc.

Not only this but the website also review performances in the elections by all important parties, women’s participation and their position in Lok Sabha; informs about important states from election perspective, voting and voters rights, election commissioner and changes in election processes. Also, daily updates of election related news and developments, political reportage and special articles will be elevating the content regularly. Minute but important details are available in the form of moving and updating ‘ticker’ on the front page of website.

prahaarap (22)“As we are a newspaper it is our duty to enlighten our readers with information on various subjects. This website does exactly that. Comprehensive information on election available in Marathi unlike anywhere else is the USP of this venture. I congratulate everyone who has worked hard in its making.” Narayan Rane said while addressing Prahaarites at the launch of this site.


The Founder-President of Swabhiman Nitesh Rane was also present at the occasion.

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