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President’s Cup will be an experience of a lifetime: Lahiri

Anirban Lahiri

New Delhi : Anirban Lahiri cannot help thinking about the dreams that got ignited only last year.

At that time, all Lahiri wanted was a full card on the European Tour and then gradually move to the PGA Tour. But in a matter of months, one door after another kept opening and he kept walking through them onto newer territories and next week he will tee up with the world’s best in the biggest team event, the President’s Cup.

“It is a lifetime’s experience,” says Lahiri. And for that he was willing to risk, albeit a small one, of missing a PGA Tour card through the Web.com Tour Final Series.

“I committed myself to three events and then skip the Tour Championships. I knew it would be tough if I was close and I leave it to chance. But I also knew if I got my game going I could close the deal sooner and maybe even win the first or second event.”

Lahiri did not find his ‘A’ game, but drew on his mental strength and finished sixth.

“That was really not one of my great weeks, but I finished sixth and I knew a decent Top-15 or so in the second could get me a card and status on PGA Tour. All I wanted was a status and if stayed in Top-50 (he is 39th) I could play more than the maximum 12 events I was eligible for this year.”

Lahiri also took a chance with his placing on European Tour’s Money list, where he is inside Top-10. “First I was going to miss a few big events in Europe because of Web.com Final series and I was also risking my World Ranking because events on Web.com carried fewer World Ranking points than the European Tour events they clashed with.

Then I was taking a chance on PGA status by opting for a week’s rest before President’s Cup. But the President’s Cup is an experience of a lifetime. I wanted to be there and I love that kind of atmosphere. I have experienced that before (in EurAsia Cup and other Team events). It the biggest team event an Indian can get into.”

What happened was that Lahiri sealed his PGA Card in two events though the official news will come on Sunday at the end of the Web Finals series.

After the first two days, he headed home for a rest before President’s Cup.

“I wanted to have at least a week’s rest and I got two,” he smiles and says. Going back to 2014, at the Fiji International, Nick Price the captain of the International Team for President’s Cup met Lahiri and said he liked the way he played.

He also told him that he had an eye on him and would love to see him on the team. Lahiri was still taking small steps to a bigger goal, so it was a bolt from the blue, but it built a desire in him.

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