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Prolonged recruitment process at Ratnagiri District Bank starts

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A prolonged recruitment process at Rantagiri District Bank has finally started after 10 years

bank examRatnagiri: The recruitment process at Rantagiri District Bank, which was prolonged due to insolvency of bank and conflicts between management and staff, has finally started. Bank’s financial condition has revived during last five years and thoughtful stand taken by union has helped easing the way for process of recruitment in bank again. Around 93 officers and staff are to be recruited here and this job is given to Niber organization located in Pune.

The process of recruitment was halted since last 10 years where till five years back the bank was under insolvency. But during last five years this situation changed. The bank started making profit which boosted its financial condition. Management and staff union established mutual understanding.

Numerous officers and staff members retired during these ten years. The work pressure increased on existing staff as new recruitments were completely stopped. Several meetings were conducted between management and staff as core banking process adapted by the bank created need for a new staff. Finally the recruitment process has received green signal.

This includes 65 clerical positions also positions for General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Assistant General Manager, five positions as Manager, one for Public Relation Manager, Deputy Manager (Technical, Fisheries), Deputy Manager (Cattle breeding), Deputy Manager (Agriculture), Four positions as Deputy Manager – Hardware and two for Software, two Deputy Manager. The bank has issued an advertisement regarding this recruitment process.

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