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Protesters too collect Jaitapur’s compensation cheques


Proposed Jaitapur Maadban Nuclear Plant Project is receiving positive response day by day

Jaitapur_1190164fRajapur: Proposed Jaitapur Maadban Nuclear Plant Project is receiving positive response day by day and project affected people have started collecting cheques of their compensation largely. It is now clear that this project will bring fortune in the district; hence even supporters of opposition also rushed to receive their cheques. This includes relatives of some Shivsena leaders.

During Ganesh Festival, beneficiaries who stay in Mumbai collected their cheques from the office of Sub-Divisional officer. Shivsena’s Maadban Branch Head Sanjay Mohan Sakharkar’s wife Sunaina Sanjay Sakharkar and Parvati Sakharam Tiwarkar also informed to have collected their cheques. Relatives of protesters have now understood the benefits of this project and started giving positive response to it. It is assumed that this response will increase in near future.

Villages like Maadban, Maadban Varcha Wada, Karel, Niweli and Mithagawane are included as ‘project affected’ villages of Jaitapur Maadban Nuclear Plant Project. The government has prepared a list of 2336 beneficiaries from these villages.  These beneficiaries would receive basic compensation of Rs 14.77 crore from government. Till date, 1183 beneficiaries from these five villages have received the compensation of Rs 9.5 crore. Later, extra compensation of Rs 211 crore is approved for 2336 beneficiaries in these five villages. Till Saturday, 1150 beneficiaries of five villages have received the compensation worth Rs 145 crore; Rs 155 crore of compensation is payable by the government to 1855 people in Maadban out of which 795 are paid Rs 95 crore.

Online payment makes process faster

Now the process of paying compensation has started ‘online’ to avoid delay in depositing cheques in beneficiaries’ bank and other technical problems, informed Sub-divisional Officer Khade. This is making the whole process faster.

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