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Punjabi Singer honored with Lifetime achievement award in UK

Surinder Shinda

Punjabi singer and actor Surinder Shinda presented with the Lifetime achievement award by the Punjabi Circle International

Surinder ShindaLondon: Punjabi singer and actor Surinder Shinda has been presented with the Lifetime achievement award by the Punjabi Circle International during a cultural event here.

Dominic Grieve, Britain’s Attorney General and Seema Malhotra, Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, jointly presented the award to Shinda at the inaugural Punjabi Cultural Awards 2014 at Riverside Venue yesterday night.

“Shinda is an Indian singer of Bhangra music with traditional Punjabi roots who is considered a grandfather of modern Punjabi music has numerous hit songs to his credit such as Putt Jattan De, Balbiro Bhabhi, and Kaher Singh De Mout,” the citation said.

Shinda has also appeared in Punjabi films such as Putt Jattan De and Uccha Dar Babbe Nanak Da.

British-Indian Channi Singh, a bhangra musician known as the Godfather of Bhangra in the West, Sathi Ludhianvi, a multi-lingual socio-political radio broadcaster and Chaman Lal Chaman, a London-based Punjabi poet, lyricist and radio broadcaster were among others awarded.

“The recipients have all gained international acclaim and the senior artistes dedicated their entire lives to poetry, writing, writing lyrics, broadcasting, media or singing and the youngsters  played a very important role by remixing music and totally revolutionized it”, British PM David Cameron in a message complimented Nirpal Singh Riat for launching the first annual cultural awards of the Punjabi Circle International.

Cameron acknowledged the contributions of British-Punjabis to the British society.

“Through hard work and dedication, British Punjabis have made their mark in media and business as well as many other fields, helping the economy and providing very valuable influences in so many ways,” he said.

Attorney Dominic Grieve said “the Punjabi contribution to life in the UK is not just an economic and financial one but also it is the sharing of the Punjabi culture with us all.”

Speaking at the event, Malhotra lauded “the event is a landmark occasion to recognize the talents and contribution of the Punjabi community in Britain.”

Others awarded at the function were Pritam Chaggar, Tochi Chaggar, Mohinder Bhambra, Jandu Littranwala, Tony Patti, Raghbir Rahi, Jonny Kalsi, Kurran Riot, Balwinder Safri, Didar Pardesi, Heera and Shinh.

Tahir Ali, Chairman, Venus TV and Ruksana Ali, Jaskiran Singh of Pardesh Weekly received the media awards.


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