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Rahul Gandhi attacks Mamata Banerjee

Sonia Gandhi at APCC function

Raghunathgunj(WB) : Criticising Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi today said that she did not keep her promises after becoming chief minister which prompted Congress to fight against her in the Assembly election.

“Five years back Congress had supported TMC as Mamataji promised to bring paribartan (change), usher in development, give employment to the youth and improve law and order.

But a day after becoming chief minister, Mamataji had changed and forgot the promises made to Congress and the people of the state”, he said during an election meeting here.

“Mamataji had promised to set up factories and provide jobs to the youth who are going to other states. But no factories were set up. So we did not support her. We are fighting to defeat her”, he said.

He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had give ‘Make in India’ slogan and said that the youth will get employment.

“The people have voted him but no employment was given to the youth. Mamataji also promised to give employment to 70 lakh people but nothing has been done”, he said and asked the crowd “Is there a single person who got jobs”?

Gandhi also charged that both Modi and Mamata did not do anything for the farmers.

Referring to the Congress-Left alliance, Gandhi said, “When our alliance government will come after the election, it will take action against those who indulged in corruption, who were involved in Saradha scam. It will also give employment to the people and help the bidi workers”, he said.

Addressing another poll meeting at Kandi, also in Murshidabad district, Gandhi asked the Congress and Left workers to fight together.

“Fight together, I am with you”, he said adding “Our government is going to be there”.

Congress is fighting the election in alliance with the Left.

Dismissing Banerjee’s claims of implementing development measures for the district, Gandhi said that several measures which the chief minister claimed as her government’s, had been initiated by the UPA government when it was in power.

The Congress vice president said the UPA government had disbursed Rs 440 crores for flood protection scheme in Murshidabad and the scheme which Banerjee claimed to have initiated, was a central measure.

The Sajal Dhara project initiated by the UPA government to provide arsenic free water in the district, had not been implemented by the state government.

Gandhi again targeted Mamata saying, “Mamataji had promised to wipe out corruption in the state. But when corruption took place in front of her, she took no action.”

In fact, the party had gone from Sarada scam to Narada sacm, he added.

Referring to the sting operation against TMC leaders, he said again no action was taken in Narada against them by her.

“During election time now, Mamataji said she will take action but why no action was taken earlier”, he asked.

Gandhi also referred to the flyover collapse in Kolkata and alleged, “contract was given to her partymman”.

He also asked why the flyover could not be completed in seven years time.

He came down roundly on the state government for its failure to create jobs for youths, new industry and give agriculture a fillip.

Taking a swipe at Prime Minister Modi, Gandhi said both Mamata Banerjee and Narendra Modi make promises but fail to fulfill it.

He said that time has come to change the TMC government in the state and vote the Congress-Left alliance to power.

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