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RBI to come out with new series of currency notes soon


Benaulim (Goa): RBI today said it will soon come out with a new series of the currency notes as part of its constant endeavour to improve the security features of the currency bills.

“So far, whatever forged notes we’ve seen and have been analysed, they have not breached our security features,” Reserve Bank Deputy Governor R Gandhi said today.

Speaking to reporters after the RBI’s central board meeting here, Gandhi said the counterfeit notes, which have come to light, are similar only “by the look of it”, which may make it difficult for an ordinary person to detect them.

“But, the paper, the security threads, other security features like the ink, they’ve not been breached. We’ve not seen that kind of forgery,” he added.

However, he said, improving the security features of the bills is a constant endeavour for the central bank and it will soon be coming out with a new series of notes in consultation with the government.

In the past, law enforcement agencies have expressed concern over counterfeiting menace, hinting that forgers are often able to produce the exact replica which makes detection difficult.

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