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Redi Port won’t harm homes and religious places: Rane


The Minister of Industries Narayan Rane spoke to the villagers of Redi about development of Redi Port

Rane_RediVengurle: The Minister of Industries, Narayan Rane said in a meeting here that, Ports, Airports, Railways are the symbols of development. Hence, the development of Redi Port will not only move the progress of village but district and state as well. Everyone’s support is necessary for this project. I would like to be on the part of developers of this port because I am parenting this district and hence, the progress of every person in this district is my aim. Not a single house or any religious place will be harmed during this project. This port will be developed with villagers’ approval and support only. He also said that the brochure of this project will be published soon and distributed to every villager.

He added further that we should change our mentalities. Support me for the development of this district. When this Port, Sea World, MIDC projects would get completed, we would not face the problem of employment after next 10 years. We would be the stronger district on the World map.

The Minister in-charge of Sindhudurg district Narayan Rane was addressing villagers of Redi at the meeting held besides the temple of village goddess Sridevi. Congress District President Satish Sawant, Former MLA Rajan Teli, Youth Leader Sandesh Parkar, Former Minister of state Pravin Bhosle were also present at this public meeting.

Sarpanch Mrs Kambli asked villagers to put their doubts in front of Minister in-charge of the district and accordingly the doubts were clarified.

While answering the questions of villagers Rane said, I asked Chief Minister to give me Port department along with the post of Minister of Industries. We are blessed with 720 km of coastline but it is not yet developed. I asked for this department with the intention to develop this coastline. I signed the MOU of Redi Port within 8 days which was stuck for approval since last 2 years.

This port will be contributing to the development of this district and state as well. No big industries will be able to enter this area without this port. I am not seeking for even an inch of the land here.

You must understand that this port will be constructed with an investment of Rs 5,000 crore but its developer will get the returns only after 25 years. State has already submitted certificate of environment, Center is yet to submit it. We are trying to get their certificate, Rane said.

No resident will be bothered and no one’s land will be harmed, even fisherman’s traditional occupation will not be touched during this project. The path going towards Ghangal temple besides this port will also be intact.

To make roads in the area of the port is not developers but the government’s responsibility. However, the roads will be made with the support and as per the requirements of the villagers only. The land in the area of Jaitapur project could fetch the rate of Rs 22, 50, 000 because of our efforts only. So, we do not intend to cause loss to anyone. If such thing happens ever, I will leave my position, said Rane.

New company on the place of Tata Metalics

The problem of unemployment has risen due to closure of Tata Metalics in Redi. I am attempting to bring another company on its place. Many companies would come in to take their production in this area once the port is constructed. We will be in a position to eliminate this problem of unemployment forever then. Don’t oppose this project just for the sake of opposing. We will sit together, resolve all your doubts and develop this village, assure Rane.

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