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Resolution to end poverty in Sindhudurg


“I anticipate the development of people in Sindhudurg. If you deny it, I would not take even an inch of land here”, Rane.

RANEKankavali: ‘We have seen poverty. Don’t let it be the destiny of next generation. Let them experience prosperity, let them learn. Wealth can never be obtained by indiscretion; execution of good thoughts is must. Mere sight is not enough, vision is needed. I have resolute to end the poverty in Sindhudurg, and not to buy lands. Hence, the project of garment factory is being executed with the aim to make even the poorest families in villages like Kasarde earn Rs 25-30 thousand per month, said the Minister of Industries, Narayan Rane.

I anticipate the development of people in Sindhudurg. If you deny it, I would not take even an inch of land here. If required, I would also shift the ongoing projects elsewhere, he added.

Narayan Rane, the Guardian Minister of Sindhudurg district was speaking in a meeting organized with villagers at Kasarde. On the occasion, District President of Congress Satish Sawant, President of District Bank Rajan Teli, Taluka President Gotya Sawant, Chairman Santosh Kanade, Dr Jayendra Parulekar, Dr Milind Kulkarni, Woman President Pranita Patade were also present.

The residents of Dodamarg initiated and arranged 750 acre land for a new project. They understand the progress. I have noticed for last 61 years that the land of Kasarde does not yield anything apart from Karada and very sadly, still an upcoming project at this place faces rejection. Opposites have sold their lands long back and now they are protesting just to mislead innocent public, Rane attacked the opposition.

The development becomes paced only when transport and industries go hand in hand. Now you decide if you want to welcome it or deny it. I provided learning facilities in a district. Engineering, polytechnic college expanded the horizon of rural students. Like ordinary families in this region, a family surviving on forest flowers also started gaining Rs 25-30 thousands per month. Is this development my mistake? I am arranging for the medical services by bringing in medical colleges. English medium schools are getting established in every taluka. I didn’t let anything fall short even to Kasarde. Is this my mistake? Rane questioned and added that the virtue of humanity is to say well to what is actually good.

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