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Returning Monsoon ruins paddy fields…


One severely injured due to lightening 

BHATWada: Returning monsoon with thunderous winds and lightning ruined paddy fields in Wada and adjacent area and severely injured one famer from Shilottar, on Thursday. The monsoon has taken away the bread from farmers.

Kudus, Khanivali, Wada, Abitghar and area experienced a huge rainfall that slaughtered paddy fields. All the farmers depend on monsoon for agriculture. But the returning monsoon came during the time when the paddy plants were bearing

paddy. Most of the farmers had taken debt for cultivating the crop. Now the farmers are worried for how to return the debt. Meanwhile, the lightning severly injured a farmer from Shilottar named Ramesh Dattatray Patil, aged 50.  Patil was herding the cattle in jungle when the incident happened. He is being treated at Wada rural hospital.

Baban Varghade, a farmer from the area said, “On one side the rate of furtilizers, sees and labor have gone high, the heavy rains almost derailed the livelihood of many farmers of Wada taluka. We cultivated paddy by taking a debt. Now the rains have taken our bread away. We are worried about returning the debt now,” he said.

Paddy crop in the Murud attacked with blue vermicelli

Farmers of Murud taluka are worried because of blue vermicelli. Around 3900 hectors of land has been cultivated under paddy. This year, around 90% of the land is cultivated under paddy. But some farmers in the taluka saw the attack of blue vermicelli on their crop. In result the farmers have to bear a heavy loss.

The vermicelli eats the chloroplast from the plant. Hence the plant gets dried up.  The agriculture department has issued a notice asking them to spray 20% of liquid Cloripyrifos in a quantity such as 1875 ml in 500 liter of water per hector.

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