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Rs 55 crore spent in 9 years over Dharavi redevelopment project


Not even a stone has been moved at Dharavi Redevelopment project in past 9 years but the expenses have already reached up to Rs 55 crore

DharaviMumbai: Not even a stone has been moved at Dharavi redevelopment project in past 9 years but the expenses have already reached up to Rs 55 crore. The funds are spent on things like consultants, two surveys, salaries to 30-35 employees, five storey building for the office etc. but the work has not yet been started.

The project was announced on 4th February 2004 with the estimate of Rs 5.50 crore but the spending has reached far beyond it. A five storey building located in the half part of Slum Redevelopment Authority (SRA)s building was purchased for the project at around Rs 28 crore. The place will be used after completion of this project. Rs 12 crore was given to Mukesh Mehta consultancy which was appointed for this project for the tenure of 2004 to 2009.

Tenders were issued in 2009 when 14 developers were keen to associate but in reality only 6 developers came forwards at the time of filing tenders. So the decision was cancelled at last moment due to poor response. Meanwhile the fee of Rs 12 crore was already paid to the consultancy. Rs 56 crore fee was finalized for entire project but the project could not pay rest of fees due to cancellation of tenders. Hence, Mehta Consultancy took the matter to a tribunal.

Now the project plan of Dharavi is completed and ‘No Objections Certificates’ (NOC) are called from the residents. Another company is appointed for new tenders in place of Mehta Consultancy for Rs 1 crore fees.

The tenders were earlier decided to be issued in October and later in December during last year. Now they have plans to issue them by February – March.

“The NOCs are called from residents on Dharavi’s redevelopment plan; process to issue tenders will take place after approval from higher authorities. We will try to complete this project before 2014 elections.”

Nirmalkumar Deshmukh

Chief Officer, Dharavi Redevelopment Project

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