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Runaway UP teenager reunited with parents

Thane: A teenage girl from Uttar Pradesh has been reunited with her family members by local police, but not before she set the cops on a wild goose chase.

The girl was found loitering near Thane railway station here on Thursday and noticed by police constables on duty, said senior inspector Dilip Boraste of Thane Nagar police station.

The girl was giving evasive replies to police who sought to know about whereabouts of her parents, he said, adding the 13-year-old said she stays near the residence of Bollywood actor Salman Khan, which turned out to be false.

What gave her away was a contact number of an official working with Income Tax department in Delhi, which was saved in her mobile phone.

After the police got in touch with the official and sent the girl’s photo to his wife on an internet-based messenger service, the latter recognised the teenager as she used to work as a teacher in Barawa Bhoj village in Uttar Pradesh where the girl hails from.

Police then managed to reach the girl’s father who works as a loader in suburban Andheri, Boraste said.

The girl was finally reunited with her parents yesterday.

Boraste said she had ran away from her house because her mother used to beat her and make her do the household chores.

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