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Rural areas need entrepreneur managed delivery models: Shah

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Entrepreneur managed service delivery models for rural areas are needed in India 
world bankBhubaneswar: Entrepreneur managed service delivery models for rural areas are needed in India for the benefit of villagers, says Parmesh Shah,World Bank Lead Rural Development Specialist.

The Last Mile Service delivery is a USD 19 billion opportunity in India and requires entrepreneurship in rural areas to translate this opportunity for benefit of its population, Shah said.

Delivering a lecture on ‘Livelihoods in the Next Decade’ at KIIT School of Rural Management of the KIIT University here yesterday, he said neither government agencies nor private sector has given enough attention to this crucial rural need.

Focus is needed on four key areas like entrepreneurship, service delivery, value chain and small scale manufacturing, he said.

This will change the traditional model of rural development to its more vibrant version leading to acceleration in rural growth, said Shah, who is with the World Bank for the last one decade and has rich global experience in the rural development.

Citing delivery deficiencies in agriculture, storage of agriculture produce and health, Shah said deficit of service delivery mainly to small and marginal farmers is leading to five million farmers dropping out of agricultural activity every year in India.

Citing examples of how rural people have come together to address their needs, he highlighted the emerging models of entrepreneurial agriculture, Self Help Groups in delivery of health services and small scale enterprise model for delivery of rural energy through solar devices.

Shah urged KSRM to help students to become social entrepreneurs to support small and marginal farmers and rural poor even after finishing their studies.


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