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Rural Health service falls ‘ill’ without doctors

Writing a prescription or medical examination notes

Scarcity of Specialist doctors, many posts are vacant from past two years

Writing a prescription or medical examination notesMumbai: The Public Health Department, the lone life line of the rural people is ‘ill’. The department is unable to get a anesthetic surgeon. The vacant position has made the rural health weak.

Though the specialist doctors were offered handsome packages and privileges, many specialists from the field of Psychiatry, Anesthesia, Genecology, Chest medicine and TB, Eye-Nose and Throat, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Dermatology and Dentistry, etc. did not turn up to serve the posts.

As per the information provided by the Public Health Department, 379 first class doctors’ posts out of 551 are vacant.

Where 26 posts of medical officers are approved, 20 posts are vacant out of them. The same treatment is given to above mentioned sciences.

Every year the state government is taking efforts to eradicate the TB disease, but many succumb to death each year. The state government has allotted 29 posts of the specialist doctors in this regard, out of which 28 posts are vacant.

As per the central government’s directive, it is mandatory to fill two TB chief officers’ in the state, but shockingly no position has been filled yet so far.

Considering the suicide cases in the rural area, a psychology department has been started at district hospitals in the state. But the vacant posts have paralyzed the work procedure of the department.

   Posts    Approved         Vacant   
Medical Officer    26  20
Pediatrician  46  28
Gynecologist   42  34
Anesthetist  56 30
Chest Medicine, TB  29   28
Psychiatrist  89 60
ENT specialist 30 21

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