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Rural Maharashtra indifferent about sanitation


A survey has exposed shocking fact that the rural areas in the state still uses ash, sand and soil for cleaning purpose.

SanitationMumbai: Though the problem of malnutrition in state has been controlled noticeably, there are many other things that need attention. In a survey undertaken by Unisef and International Institution of Population Science (IIPS), a shocking fact is exposed that the rural areas in the state still uses ash, sand and soil for the cleaning purpose.

The awareness about diseases that spread due to insanitation in children is made in schools and homes since childhood, even in rural areas. Still, these areas look uninterested when it comes to hygiene.

According to the report of survey, ash, soil and sand are used most in Aurangabad and Nashik district. The count is less in Pune. More than 83 per cent in urban areas and 66 per cent in rural areas use soap and other things to clean hands.

There are plenty of germs in soil; some of them may cause Gangrene. Also, if the soil stuck in nails causes diseases like Jaundice, Typhoid. – Dr Ramesh Bharmal, Dean, Nair Hospital.

More points mentioned in a report:-

  • 17 per cent maternal deliveries take place in homes within a State
  • 12 per cent women are addicted to Tobacco
  • 7 per cent women are alcoholic
  • Rural women are on lead in breast feeding to babies
  • 97 per cent babies are BCG vaccinated
  • 58 per cent babies in an age group of 6 – 8 months are given food along with breast feeding
  • 59 per cent of human waste of kids in rural areas is not disposed appropriately
  • 60 per cent of urban areas dispose it appropriately

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