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Sawantwadi-Belgaum Railway soon on track…


Dr. Nilesh Rane, MP, Ratnagiri-Sindhudurg, had demanded the Union Railway Ministry for this railway

Konkan-Railway-300x169Sawantwadi/Amboli: The long awaited Belgaum-Sawantwadi railway track would soon to be a reality. The raiway track would be a major player in the development of Sindhudurg and Karnataka. Dr. Nilesh Rane, MP, Ratnagiri-Sindhudurg, had demanded the Union Railway Ministry for this railway.

In response the railway ministry recently conducted a first phase survey for the Sawantwadi-Belgaum railway. The then Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee had sanctioned Rs 10 crore for the railway. Thus the first phase survey of the Belgaum and Amboli was conducted.

The railway track would strengthen the business relations between Sindhudurg and Karnataka. This railway track can be seen as an option for the Amboli ghats railway track and it is seen as a success to Dr. Nilesh Rane’s efforts.

Not only for the people of Sindhudurg, but Belgaum is a closer market for the people of Konkan. But one has to take the Amboli ghat and other ghat ways to reach Belgaum. Earlier the merchants had to travel for 100 kilometers to reach Sawantwadi. The Amboli ghat was also getting decayed hence the need for other appropriate way to reach Belgaum was in demand. Thus member of parliaments from Karnataka as well as from Konkan had demanded a railway from Sawantwadi station of Konkan railway to Belgaum station of South-Western railway.

Thus the first phase of survey in between Belgaum and Amboli is started  and counting and marking was in progress. The surveying at Chandgad, Kanur in Kolhapur district, Amboli-Nangartas-Mulwandvadi-Gavthanwadi and at Bajarwadi has completed. From here, the proposed railway track would take a turn from Choukul Malai to Sarmale-Otwane-Charatha and would reach at Sawantwadi. According to sources, the important thing in this railway track is that there would not be any tunnel as the train would take a turn at Amboli ghat.

But bridges have to build at some places. Belgaum and Sindhudurg has a strong relation from many decades. Irrespective of the Belgaum border issue, youth of Konkan has made it a point to work at hote industry in Belgaum and North Karnataka.

On the other hand, labor from Vijapur, Raichur, bagalkot and Gulbarga come for employment to Sindhudurg and parts of Maharashtra. Vegetables along with other material come to Sindhudurg from Belgaum. Thus the railway would be an important key player in the region. The merchants, passengers would take a sigh of relief as the train would be connected to Konkan railway.

The residents are demanding that the member of parliaments should push for the immediate start of the railway. The track would be helpful for the transfer of mineral ores.  The train would also help in railway commuting between Karnataka and Kerala.

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