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Scarcity of facilities at Jawhar rural hospital


The one and only hospital in sub-district Jawhar is facing tremendous shortage of facilities

Patangshah-Kutir-300x208Jawhar: The one and only hospital, Patangshah Kutir Hospital in sub-district Jawhar is facing tremendous shortage of facilities. Sonography center is closed since a year so the patients have to travel all the way to Nashik, Wada, Dahanu in search of private hospitals. The patients are suffering despite having hospital in a region.

Patients from Jawhar, Mokhada, Vikramgadh talukas visit Jawhar Rural Hospital for treatment. But the positions of doctors are vacant here. Primary health care centers are at Jamsar, Nandgaon, Sakur and Chalatwadi. The one and only hospital has to bear the burden of these centers also, serving almost 3 lakh people.

There is only one gynecologist and one pediatrician in the hospital. Pregnant women come to the hospital for check up on every Tuesday and have to sit waiting for long hours. The position of anesthesiologist is vacant for many months. The patients are suffering through extreme inconvenience; expecting their representatives and senior officers to look into the matter.

We are following up with seniors to restart the sonography center which is closed for a year now. We will try to provide all the facilities to the patients for their convenience”.

Dr Ramdas Marad, Medical Officer, Jawhar

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