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Schools with low number of students to be closed


Around 600 schools will be closed in Sindhudurg

SCHOOLDevgad: It is decided that those schools having students’ strength less than 20, would be closed from June 2014. With this decision, around 600 schools will be closed in Sindhudurg.

The state government released a decision rule to take action accordingly on December 13. When the government was planning to close down the schools with low number of students, the ordinance has come.

A teacher can teach only when there is enough number of students in the class. If the classes have only one or two students, it becomes difficult for the teachers to take their classes.

Thus the state government has decided to close the schools with less number of students. With the decision, the students have to go to nearby schools. It is expected that the students would be given a special travel allowance of Rs 3000 per student to reach their new school.

At present the education department officials had not received any orders such as ‘One village, one school’, thus it is reported that they were facing problems while designing the pattern for the schools.

But if the decision ‘One school in one village’, is implemented, less number of schools would be closed down. The government has also fixed the number of schools per school.

 In a new decision, students from first to fourth standard, one teacher will be allotted for 30 to students. The proportion for the senior schools is considered as one teacher for 35 students.

Before the new order came into action, all the earlier orders regarding the sanctioning of the divisions and allotment of teachers were cancelled.

Now the divisions would be made with the updated information on the government website. It is also decided that new posts would not be filled without the additional number of teachers were filled in the present vacancies. Besides, now the teachers would not be given the extra burden of non-educational work.

The dedicated teachers have welcomed the government decision. It is also decided that the schools having optimum number of students can be given computers and other education facilities.

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