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Shatabdi train’s first journey on Konkan Railway track today!


Central Railway administration takes the historical decision!

shatabdiRatnagiri: The much acclaimed Shatabdi railway is going to run on Konkan Railway tracks for the very first time. This is a historical moment for Konkan Railway! The air conditioned train is allowed to travel on the Konkan Railway tracks for a one month period.  The train would reach in the morning at 11.20 am at Ratanagiri railway station.

On the backdrop of Christmas celebrations, the tourist passengers are hitting the roads going towards Goa. Considering this, it is possible that the train would be regularized on Konkan Railway tracks. It is seen that the passengers prefer the Konkan railway tracks for going towards Goa as well as for southern trains.

Considering the passengers’ positive response, the railway administration has decided to test the double decked train on these tracks. As the height of the double decked train would have to face the problems while crossing the tunnels or over bridges because of its unique height, the railway administration was also working on the possible substitute to avoid the problem.

Schedule for the CST-Goa Shatabdi Train: 

  Train- Down- Up

CST- 05:30 – 12:35 AM

Dadar- 05:42 – 12:12 AM

Thane- 06:10 – 11:45 PM

Panvel- 06:47 – 11:00 PM

Roha- 08:30 – 09:23 PM

Chiplun- 10:10 – 07.25 PM

Ratnagiri- 11:25 – 06:15 PM

Sindhudurg- 12:51 – 04.21 PM

Karmali- 02:05 PM – 03:20 PM

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