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Shirdi-Mumbai passenger train runs late, rail roko at Ambarnath


The train was halted at the siding, angry passengers protested on tracks, Central Railway local traffic collapses

trainAmbarath: Angry passengers of the Shirdi-Mumbai passenger train stopped the train here to register their protest, as the four hour late train was stopped at the siding.

The rail roko in the rush hours of the day collapsed the Central Railway’s scheduled traffic and affected the daily passengers heading for their offices. The train Shirdi-Mumbai fast passenger was running late by four hours than its scheduled time. The scheduled time was 2.38 am, but the train arrived at 6.58 am. In addition to that the train was stopped at the siding next to the daily local trains. The anger of the passengers burst out at 9 as the status of the train was as it was. The angry passengers stopped the local trains in protest, stood on the tracks and demanded to depart the Shirdi passenger as the first priority.

Finally the rail officials decided to leave the train at 9.20. The ruckus affected the local trains’ schedule and daily passengers also had to suffer.

Meanwhile, the rail officials said that if the long distances early morning trains arrive lately, then they are halted at the siding. They also said that the halt at the siding was important ahead of the daily local trains’ schedule.

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